Propulsion Systems

The Surface Drive System SDS has been specifically designed to deliver exceptional performance to fast planing yachts, sport fishing boats, racing boats and professional applications where acceleration, high speed and endurance are a necessity such as ambulance, pilot boat, patrol boat, high-speed interceptor, RIB, search and rescue vessel, coast guard…

Guaranteed performance

  • 15% extra speed increase
  • Hydraulic parts inside the hull
  • Tremendous steering capacity at high speed
  • U turn in two boat lengths
  • The ability to enter shallow waters
  • High reliability
  • Material: High quality Ni-Br-Al
  • Low maintenance costs, easy maintenance
  • Worldwide assistance (spare parts and technicians)

Reliability & Efficiency

With our SURFACE DRIVE SYSTEM, all vital components are protected from salt and water corrosion as all cables, sensors, hydraulics, hoses, and electric connections are inside the engine room.
Every part of the SDS is thought and conceived to be heavy duty and has a rigourous quality control at each production step.

A complete propulsion package

  • A pair of SDS surface drives trimmable and steerable
  • A pair of surface piercing propellers in NiBrAl (Class S)
  • Machined with CNC milling machine
  • Integrated panel
  • Hydraulics and steering equipment
  • Emergency backup system
  • Cardan shafts
  • Indicators and sensors
  • Coupling flanges



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