Monoblock Propellers

Finished units up to fifteen tons

Weeprop produces FP propellers of up to fifteen tons in bronze alloy, with diameters up to 5.5 meters. The offer includes Class II, Class I and Class S types, fully CNC machined. We also have capacity for stainless steel propellers.


Diversity up to eight tons

Weeprop is outstanding for its product flexibility and versatility. It has the capacity to produce blades of up to eight tons and manufacture units in Class II, I, Class S in NiBral, Superston, or Mn Bze. Other specialties of our brand-name are stainless steel blades.

Hubs and spare parts

Finished parts up to nine tons

The customer can be certain that they can suggest any technical challenges when they order a pre-machined or finished hub (up to nine tons). Weeprop hubs can be subjected to all types of quality assurance testing, such as pressure test and penetrating liquids, ultrasound, etc. We have cutting edge feed and solidification simulation software available for the complex casting process.

Nozzles, Rudders and Tunnel Thrusters

Weeprop nozzles are designed with the most modern CFD techniques. Our Nozzles combined with our Rudders and Tunnel Thrusters are the best possible combination for power and sailing efficiency.



Weeprop has over 20 years experience in rudder design and cavitation prediction. With experience drawn from the European Hydrodynamic Research Centre and in-house Hydrodynamics specialists, advanced computer programs have been developed to simulate maneuvers to evaluate different rudder sizes and types to optimize the rudder design for each vessel.

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