Toughness & Precision

Flexibility and versatility

Weeprop is constantly expanding and in our commitment to deliver the best quality we have engineering teams with over 20 years of experience in the design of products for the naval industry that can calculate and design the best option in propulsion systems for your ship to achieve the best performance.

Our workers are constantly trained in new manufacturing techniques, updating work methods to achieve greater efficiency.

Weeprop has the operational response capacity resulting into an immediate reaction to the changes in the market and its interactions with clients.

Naval engineering

Over 30 years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in naval design and we have succeeded in meeting the needs of our customers with proven reliability and professionalism.

Weeprop can calculate and design the best option in the propulsiosystem to achieve the best performance of your ship.


Our foundries have over 30 years of experience, with an annual capacity of 900 propellers, 1800 blades and 250 hubs, caps, covers and other components with up to 16 tons final weight per piece we have succeeded in establishing a position as a leader in the marine industry for a broad type of solutions for FPP and CPP systems.

Innovative productive system

The firm operates in a coordinated way to adapt to different kinds of projects managed from the main branch. Our innovative productive system apart from monitoring the flow of raw materials to the main factory it also has the capacity to redirect production and fully focus it on urgent projects therefore   opportunities maximize, reduce risks and increase efficiency in global terms.

Go Green

Green Industry for a sustainable and economically viable future.

If we want a sustainable and economically viable future, we need to ensure not to harm the environment, we are a green industry.

Our patterns focus on major energy saving, manufacturing processes are designed to generate the least possible waste and recycle the inevitable.

We only have one planet. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it.

Our Team

Our team is composed with qualified engineers constantly trained with the latest software and technology available, expert chemists in nanotechnology and a sales team with an extensive knowledge of the sector and its needs.

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